Here you can find out about the retreats that are running throughout the year.

You can join one of our Dragonfly House Retreats as an individual or, if you wish to bring your own group of students please contact us to discuss your specific needs. Our current availability is at the bottom of this page. 

Please make sure you have connected with us or the retreat leader before making your payment. Your payment indicates your agreement to the terms and conditions of the retreat, each are different so please ensure you have read them. 

If you have any queries or specific needs please contact us before making your booking. 

Please note we don't promote all our retreats on this page, they are promoted at the leaders request. 

If the price is shown as 0.00 Euros this is because the retreat leader is taking payments directly and the retreat cannot be paid for directly through this page.

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If you are looking ahead to bring your own retreat in 2024 contact us directly:

May 5-10 Inner Sanctuary Yoga Retreat with Sally Harper

May 11-17 Yin Yoga and Breathwork Retreat with Jay Veron

May 18-24 Finding Wellness Retreat with Jo Stephens

May 26 - June 2 Breathe Yoga with Susan David

June 3-6 Retreat with Patricia 

June 6-9 Serenity Space Seven Chakras Yoga Retreat with Amanda

June 11-16 Yoga with Sarah Brown 

June 16-22 Mission Adventure Andalucia Retreat with Hennie & Andy

June 22-28 Soothe your Soul yoga retreat with Maxine & Amanda

June 28 - 1 July Retreat with Clara and Timea

July 2-8 Available 

July 9-19 Unavailable

July 20- Aug 3 Available

August 4-8 - Retreat with Rocio 

August 9-11 Healing retreat with Jaume (in Spanish)

August 13-30 Available 

Sept 1-7 Breathe Yoga with Susan David

Sept 12-16 Restful Retreats come to Dragonfly House Spain

Sept 19-22 Family Constellation with Ewa

Sept 24-29 The Ulitmate Nourishment Yoga Retreat with Kelly

Oct 2-9 Jyoti Yoga Retreat with Morag Wilson

Oct 11-16 - Soulful Sisterhood Retreat with Joannie

Oct 18-20 - Retreat with Valentina and Eva

Oct 20-27 Finding Wellness Retreat with Jo, Helen and Emma 

Oct 28 - 2 Nov Retreat with Katie and Emily

Nov 5 - Dec 4 Reserved

Dec 5 - 20 Unavailable. 

RETREATS IN 2025 - We are currently taking bookings and have good availability, please contact us for more information.