We have a heavenly range of therapies available to help you relax and heal

You can book your treatment in advance either by emailing [email protected] or via your retreat leader. We will schedule your treatments at an appropriate time that works with your stay with us or retreat schedule. If slots are still available it may be possible to book with us once you arrive.

Payments can be made during your stay with us. Please note if you choose to pay by card an additional 20% IVA tax is added to the prices quoted below. 

All treatment offerings may be subject to change dependent on the availability of therapists and spaces for the treatments to take place.

Massage Options...

The Hands of Ganesha massage incorporates balinese style massage techniques, with varying pressure, for a full body experience. Both sides of your body will be massaged in synchronization by the four hands of Ani and Chelsea. With equal pressure and sweeping movements, you will surrender all of your thoughts and bathe in bliss. We use coconut oil to massage the body and essential oils to calm your mind. In combination with gentle music, this treatment will allow you to drop into a space where you can completely relax.

The Dance of Shiva is a dance that moves the energy of the cosmos and it all begins with you! This treatment starts with a four Hand Massage (same as the Hands of Ganesha treatment) and then it will progress to a healing infusion of Reiki and crystal energies. Ani and Chelsea combine these two processes to create a holistic approach for both the physical and energetic bodies. You will experience a deep sense of relaxation, and the potential to work through any energetic blocks you have been experiencing.

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient form of massage. It has its foundations in the Buddhist tradition and offers a unique combination of yoga, acupressure, meditation, physiotherapy and energy work. It is a holistic therapy which aims to restore the natural energy balance in both the body and the mind. It helps to stimulate our parasympathetic nervous system; our body’s natural relaxation response.  Treatment takes place on a futon on the floor. You remain fully dressed in comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement and ensures warmth. The massage is a combination of yoga style stretches and acupressure techniques.

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Energetically balancing your body, this massage is intuitive and deeply relaxing. The infusion of strong massage and energy movement in the bosy amplifies the experience, often leaving you in a state of bliss or as Sergio likes to call it a feeling of flying.

A traditional ayurvedic treatment warm oil massage is a beautiful way to clear the lymphatic system, relax the muscles and nourish the soul. Massage includes your feet, legs, back, chest, arms and abdomen. You will feel like a goddess, relaxed, more centered and taken care of.

A traditional ayurvedic treatment warm oil massage is a beautiful way to clear the lymphatic system, relax the muscles and nourish the soul. You will feel like a goddess, relaxed, more centered and taken care of. 

Healing & Group Sessions...

Reiki is an ancient art of channeling the divine universal energy to release blocks in the physical body, mental body, emotional and energetic body. There is no touch as the energy is transmitted to you. People often experience a new sense of well-being, lightness and freedom. 

Ayurveda is the ancient art of healing the body with food and nourishment in all ways as your medicine. Staying with us at Dragonfly House gives you the perfect opportunity to understand what your body is asking you for. We focus on your physical health, diet, mental health, emotions and your spiritual practices to find more balance and peace within your lifestyle. You complete a questionnaire to give all the information Helen needs to understand your body. When you arrive at the retreat we spend 30 minutes together discussing the results and explaining your personally prepared teas, herbs, spices and oils that you can enjoy with all your meals over the week. We strongly believe taking the changes home is the key to your body continuing to feel better, we provide a 12 week step by step journey for you to take with you. Understand yourself deeply, love your body and move back towards health and wholeness.

Experiential Healing is simply a set of really tuned-in questions that allow you to access emotions you are holding in your body. You remain entirely conscious and able to have a completely normal conversation throughout the session, it is not the same as hypnosis. We breathe deep into the body however there are no specific breathing techniques involved. Helen simply holds a safe space for you to release energies, emotions and open into memories in a different way, freeing yourself from internal dialogues and decisions that have been holding you back in life.  For many people it is a profound experience of understanding why life has worked out how it has to this point. Gaining an understanding of the lessons of your life and the gifts of experiencing the hardships you have, is liberating. New awareness in itself brings change, integrating that awareness in your everyday life through simple actions means you can step out of patterns and limiting beliefs for the first time. Become who you really are and see the truth beyond your own illusions about life.

Our cells are made up of electrons, protons and neutrons that carry an electrical charge. When we are sick or in pain the cells of our body in that area are out of alignment. Placing magnets on the body in specific places redirects the currents of energy running in the body and can have a profound healing effect. There are over 300 established pairs of magnet positions that alleviate the symptoms of physical, emotional and mental pain. This in person session comprises of a full assessment where I measure the strength of the magnetic fields in your body by looking at muscle and nerve length. Once I have established which fields require re-balancing I place pairs of magnets on your body for a specific period of time to correct the magnetic field strenghts. Often symptoms are immediately eliviated.  

Navigate karmic energy and allow spirit to guide you through the symbology of the tarot cards. This in-depth reading allows spirit to communicate with you about karmic cycles, major life themes and energies to be resolved, your possible courses of action and their likely outcomes. 

Sound healing through vibration is recognised throughout history as clearing energy and healing the body. Solfeggio tones were banned by the church as being “too sacred for the masses” and are particularly designed to focus healing energy. During a sound bath I explain the history of sound healing, and what your journey might entail. After playing I use a guided meditation to bring you back gently from your journey. 

Yoga is a science and art, it combines the breath and movement to create steady posture, mind and spirit. At Dragonfly House we have two resident teachers that bring their own unique but complementary energies to their teaching. Both are intuitive in guiding you on your journey as an individual or as a group through a practice that will bring both physical, mental and emotional benefits.

Biodanza is a system of human integration, organic renewal, emotional re-education and relearning of the original functions of life. In other words, it is a system of personal growth oriented to the study and strengthening of the expression of human potentials through music, movement, group affective communication exercises and integrative experiences. The sessions are made up of a small theoretical part in which we share our feelings through words and a series of “dance-exercises”, the whole of which we call experience. These dances, accompanied by rigorously selected music and practiced regularly, allow participants to enter into regenerative processes that enhance their health, as well as states of harmony and growth, in short, the integral well-being of the person. ​

Etymologically, Biodanza means “the Dance of Life”, understanding dance as movement full of meaning. These dances have a symbolic meaning about our lives and have the ability to modify our “existential dance.” They are reflected in our daily activities, our style and quality of life, as well as in our relationships. Biodanza incorporates into our existential dance primary movements, often forgotten, and the emotion that links us with ourselves, with others and with nature, creating an integrative experience that reinforces organic, psychic, mental and emotional balance