Meet the team behind you...

We know most retreat leaders have been dreaming of hosting a retreat for some time before they take the action. Whether you are now a veteran of hosting retreats or this will be your first time we are here to support you.

The Dragonfly House team will become part of your team while you are hosting with us. We are here to offer physical support in terms of making sure the venue is working well, the food is delicious and our spaces are clean and tidy and most importantly that your guests needs are taken care of.

We are also here to support you as your journey through leading your retreat. It can be tough holding space for healing work and as experienced practitioners ourselves we are here if you want us to be as an understanding ear and can offer coaching on an informal or more formal way if you want it.

Here is what is available to you if you want a little more support: 


If you would like us to create some professional graphics to promote your retreat with a look and feel that resonates with you we can. 


We can help you put together your marketing strategy using both yin and yang energies so you both magnetise and reach out to the right people for your retreat simultaneously.

Retreat Design

Mapping out a great flow to your retreat that is engaging, inspiring and has the right mix of rest and play can be tricky. We are here to advise you on timings options and more. 


If you feel like leading a retreat is a growth opportunitiy for you, Helen offers 1:1 coaching to support you every step of the way so your fears and blocks don't stop you bringing your dream to life. 

Additional Therapies

You might want to add sound healing, voice expression, massage, Ayurveda, breathwork, crystal healing, yoga, self-inquiry or more to your scehdule. We know lots of great practictioners that can add their gifts to your retreat. 


There are some amazing places to visit near by that can really compliment your transformational retreat, places for meditation, hiking, resting and more. Visit our "Excursions" page to find out more

Dragonfly Retreat Leader Community

Once you have decided to host a retreat at Dragonfly House Spain you can join our free Dragonfly Retreat Leader Community.

We meet once a month to talk about topics most relevant to hosting retreats such as "How to magnetise students to your retreat", "How to plan a great retreat schedule", and "Social Media for retreat leaders."

There is a Facebook Group for more regular interaction and both our experienced leaders and new leaders benefit equally from this mutual support. 

Reviews by our retreat leaders

I have been Teaching Yoga for almost 30 years. I love being a Yoga Teacher, every class is slightly
different, we are human and every day our life is different, therefore, we are never the same. We all
leave class feeling a shift in either our physical or emotion self, Yoga Teacher included.
Take a group of away from their usual busy lives, especially to an amazing tranquil setting. This was us, a small group and each requiring their own space, coming back to themselves, for the first time really finding themselves. Going on retreat and away from your busy life can bring up stuck
emotions, this is what retreat is all about, coming back to you. you take a group away from their
usual busy lives, especially to an amazing tranquil setting.

This was where Dragonfly House made a massive impact in achieving this for every one of us.
The drive up to Dragonfly was for a me a bit nervous, a new Venue for me and a new Host. I had
been taking students to Spain for over 12 years to the same retreat space and I felt safe there. I was going out of my comfort zone. I knew my students were slightly nervous, especially with a small group and none of us confident within ourselves. When we climbed up into the mountains, the views were stunning, it was the same Spanish Mountains I had felt held in and I trusted their energy.

To me it is like coming home. The town of Antequera is stunning and we were excited to visit it
during our stay. The lovely friendly driver made us feel more at ease, one of us spoke particularly good Spanish and they had a lovely chat, which helped her and us to enjoy our journey. The journey is the start of retreat, it is not all about the venue, it is like a play, it draws you in and the feeling of sitting at a play and waiting for it to begin, slightly unsure and yet a bit of excitement.

We saw our venue and the sound of the ‘out breaths’ – we had arrived, and it felt good. Little did we
know, what awaited us…… this beautiful peaceful and serene soul in the form of Helen Smith,
Owner, and our Host for the week. Much more than a Host, a pure and beautiful soul whose energy
you feel as soon as you walk into Dragonfly House, the venue is Her!

The surroundings are stunning, the venue is quaint and contained, cradled in this beautiful setting.
Helen welcomed us with open arms, and we all felt ‘at home’ The rooms are far from basic, they
cradle you and there is a feeling of security and peace. Fresh colourful bedding, comfortable beds,
the shower room is beautiful and lovely toiletries, fresh towels, amazing showers. The room was my home for the next week, I loved it. 

Shanti, the centre dog, is the most gentle, calm, and beautiful young dog I have met. She smiles!!
She is not pushy, if you want to play, she will play, she also gives space. When I saw the Yoga Centre, I knew we were going to have amazing sessions. There are windows all around, the furnishings, even with a Tree at its centre piece, make the studio feel loved and comfortable. All equipment is there for Yoga, Meditation, and even sound journeys, which Helen hosted during our stay.

Our Meals were amazing, beautiful, healthy, and always different. All dietary needs met, we loved that our hosts ate with us, especially as a small group and in this way, we got to know each other a bit more. Our day off we went exploring, so many places to see and visit. We went to El Torcal Nature Reserve, it was stunning and worth a visit. Antequera town has the most amazing Architecture, Ancient buildings and very Spanish little cafes and restaurants. If you like shopping, the shops are lovely.

Our stay at Dragonfly House was one to remember. My students nurtured by Helen and her team.
All of them took the opportunity to have therapies, relax by the beautiful pool, walk in the Olive
Groves, Yoga on a wooden platform with the mountains surrounding us.

As a Team Leader and Yoga Teacher I would recommend choosing Dragonfly House as your next
retreat. I had already booked before I left and full list for Next Year.
Looking forward to October 2024 Retreat.

‘What a great blessing our yoga & Meditation retreat was! Helen is a very warm-hearted authentic host who lives her values and embraces life from a deeply centred place. Helen and her team made our stay very comfortable and nothing was a problem for them. They were so lovingly willing. Dragonfly House has a beautiful energy conducive for inner work and growth as well as connection with others and nature. Everything just flowed perfectly. The living space was very comfortable and the meals were very fresh and delicious.

We are all so grateful to have had this experience and will definitely be booking again in the future. Thank you 🙏’

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Contact us to find out about the support available and based on your needs what your specific support package would cost.