Are you enjoying the ride?

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Are you enjoying the ride?Are you enjoying the ride? small

Life can feel a bit like a roller coaster at times. It doesn’t matter how prepared you are, how focused you are on being happy, whether you are living your dream, how often you meditate, how pumped your motivation is…the ups and downs come to us all.

Recently I rode through a big dip myself. Ten years ago, I would have had my hands over my eyes and been asking myself “why is this happening to me?’

This time it was different.


  1. Because I know it never lasts, it is simply an experience. The only thing constant on life’s roller coaster is change and I am totally cool with that, in fact I freaking love it!
  2. I understand the sooner I fully accept what is happening, why I have created the situation, what my soul wants me to learn from it and take the action I need to the energy shifts. No longer am I hanging on for dear life but am enjoying the ride again.
  3. I am content to go into a dip. I know sometimes you have got to go right down to get to experience the next high. I observe and explore the lows; I watch myself, my patterns, my habits, and I track how crap they can quickly make me feel. I look for what I haven’t seen in myself before and when I see it, I figure out what new level of responsibility I get to take. And I take it. I know the challenge to see myself more clearly will propel me into a new awesome direction.
  4. I know where my mind can lead me when I get afraid and anxious, feel like I am out of control and unsure where I am headed… I spot the red flag thoughts and keep myself within the guardrails and hands within the car at all times!
  5. I am surrendered into the amazing journey my soul and God have in store for me and I totally trust the track they have laid out for me as the one that will bring me the greatest growth. My job is to keep leaning in, to keep going deeper and uncovering more, taking in the new views and perspectives as they are shown to me and be grateful for every twist and turn.
  6. I get excited when the ride gets interesting, fast and crazy… yes it means using my tools to stay balanced, and it tests me to be effective – when you have got less time what do you prioritize? For me, always basic selfcare, food, sleep, yoga, meditation and when things get tough, 10 minutes is an awesome achievement and pizza for dinner counts as a win today because I still prioritized what I need under pressure. And tomorrow, I get the chance to do even better.  
  7. I am not hard on myself if I get thrown around a little. It means I have reached a new level, I am learning something new, as the stakes get higher, so do the gains. I know I am levelling up. I don’t want to be perfect I want to be alive, enjoying the ride – hands up and smiling at the camera as I pass.
  8. I know this ride will end one day; I am grateful I bought a ticket.

Let me know how your ride is right now…I would love to hear how you navigate the highs and lows!

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