Have you ever felt like you are going in circles?

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Do you ever feel like you are going in circles? spiral

Have you ever felt like you are going in circles?

Healing can sometimes feel like we are going around and around over the same ground and not getting anywhere. The same issue crops up over and over, perhaps it is abandonment, fear of failing, maybe an addiction creeps back in. Seeing the same issue again can make you feel like you are getting nowhere fast and can be frustrating, or worse make you want to give up.

But here is the thing…

Life is cyclical.

Nature is cyclical.

From birth to death, sunrise to sunset, from spring to winter, the cycles are there plain as day. Within your body, your hormones, your hunger, your sleep are all on a cycle. So why do we believe that somehow, we are a separate from this balanced pattern and flow of life?

Take the seasons as an example, do we get frustrated when winter comes again? Well maybe we do, if we haven’t learned all we need to yet about how to handle winter, but each time it comes around we have learned a little bit more. We remember to put gloves in our pockets, warm socks on radiators, eat warming foods and take hot baths so we stay warm to the core. And every winter is different, they each teach us something new about ourselves, sometimes it snows, and we get unexpected days off to play, sometimes it is wet and warmer and it doesn’t feel so harsh.

And in that awareness we are in a cycle, that knowledge that all things come around again, is where we can free ourselves to really heal, to head into our winters with great awareness so we can really enjoy them this time around, a chance to show ourselves just how far we have come.

If your core wound is abandonment say, know on a reasonably regular basis something along those lines will pop up for you, even if it is just an echo, your ego, your inner child will recognise it and potentially be triggered.

And here is the gift as you heal, not only do you recognise it, you know how you tend to respond and can chose something else. And bingo your experience of abandonment, of your own personal winter changes. From one of being alone and cold, to one feeling loved and warm.

It is still winter but what you have done, how you reacted, is completely different. And so, your experience, your attachment, your understanding is forever changed. And that is growth.

So, if you are feeling in a spin, caught in a loop you don’t seem to be able to get out of, take a moment to centre yourself and know things always come around again for another pass and with what you learned this time it will be easier for you next.

Note the lessons, commit to being different next time and remember it is not what happens that matters but how you react. And that is entirely your choice every time.

Sending love to all you brave souls. I would love to hear how you have begun to embrace the layers of healing you get to walk through.

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