Are you open to receive messages from your unconscious?

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Are you open to receive messages from your unconscious mind?Over this full moon, I have been enjoying some really vivid dreams.

I believe dreams are a way our subconscious mind can speak to us, so when I remember them, I get really excited because I know my subconscious mind is trying to tell me something important!

A dream dictionary can be useful, especially if your dream was along the lines of a classic theme like falling, or running late, you can also search online for dream meanings...


While useful, I think dream dictionary lack the individual essence that our dreams genuinely have.

So, if you feel the same, I recommend interpreting the message yourself, after all it is your subconscious trying to get through to you!

So here is the tool I use to guide me, and I hope it will help you make sense of some of your dreams too…

1. Write a list of every significant person, place, and object in the dream.

2. For each of them, write down the first 5 words you associate with them. Don’t think too hard, just let the words pop in, as they may not be what you are expecting! For example, if I saw my dog in my dream, the words that come to mind are unconditional love, protection, warm, sleepy, noisy.

3. For each person, place and object then add to that list how you felt when they appeared in your dream. It could be any emotion so, maybe anxious, happy, sad, calm.

4. Then finally, for each person, place and object add what they represent to you. It could be that a memory you associate them with popped in, a scene from a movie, a sensation, emotion, a desire or anything else that comes. This will be specific to you. For example, perhaps there was a key in your dream, and to you that means opening to freedom, for another person that might mean locking something away to keep it hidden, and for someone else anxiety as they always worry about losing keys.

Now comes the MAGIC….

As you read through all the words on the page, let the real message from your dream appear.

This isn’t a literal thing; you will need to trust and tap into your intuition.

BUT by using the word association you will have tapped into your unconscious, so a new meaning of your dream can emerge that is untainted by your conscious patterns and judgements and what you “think” the dream should or could mean.

Give it a try!

I cannot tell you how exciting it is when the penny drops and you understand what you were meant to!

Dreams are literally your unconscious using what it knows about YOU to give YOU a specific message, which is why this is so powerful.

Share below what you discovered about your dreams, I would love to hear how you are tapping in on that new level.

With love,

Helen xxx

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