My story: Becoming the Guardian and Creator of Dragonfly House

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helen nowHelen+BW+Head+ShotWhat excites me about my life right now? I get to wake up every day and I feel utterly alive. I live in a place that feels like heaven to me. I am surrounded by nature and the opportunity to live my best, awakened, “in flow” life. It wasn’t always like this though I can promise you!
Rewind 15 years.... I was 3 stone overweight with chronic back pain, unable to run, smoking 30 cigarettes a day, working up to 17 hours a day on a laptop, 6 days a week. I was 30 years old and completely exhausted, barely able to breathe or move. Not really what I had in mind for my life... and I was having suicidal thoughts although I didn’t want to admit it even to myself. So I kept on smiling somehow. I knew I had to change; something was very wrong.
My first big decision was to quit work and go back to school, interior design school to be precise. I was completely terrified but I loved it. And it was a real financial challenge but I squeezed it. I got a puppy, second major life changing decision. Then I found yoga, real yoga and became a disciple to a guru, life turned upside down for a decade. My health, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual improved steadily but I still wasn’t living the free life I wanted.
misty pyramid mountainSo, I traded London for the mountains of southern Spain and committed to building a retreat centre and a new life from scratch for myself (gulp!).
I have lived in near isolation for well over a year now and have been through some of my darkest and brightest days. I have experienced more challenges and bliss than I thought possible. I lived for periods without water and electricity, WIFI and a car. I slept under the stars listening to the sound of the night. I found my courage to keep going, to get up, to find my inner power, not driven by others or the rules of society.
I listened to inside of me; with no one else around I discovered what my energy was for the first time. Living in a country where you don’t speak the language during a world pandemic, 10k from the nearest town certainly gave me the space to separate myself from everything! I finally released all the emotions that were stuck in my body and heart. From that empty space I began to listen and watch. I asked for guidance and started seeing and hearing messages. I had crazy dreams, I started to see energy and auras, spirit guides and ghosts. I listened hard and realised my own spirit guides were arriving one by one, but the greatest moment was knowing god was here with me.
yoga deck at sunriseGoing through these changes alone was confusing but I kept following the signs, I followed the urges and ideas I had to crystal grid the land, and through doing so met new people, asked new questions and new names were given to me. I found myself in an experiential healing process with Mark Goddard and more puzzle pieces began to fall in to place. My past lives, my visions, my conversations with God started to make sense.
I qualified and started to teach yoga to adults and kids. I studied and began to give experiential healing sessions myself and I am creating a magical retreat centre for others to follow me into the wild. I adopted three huge dogs, I am painting again, I dance at random times to music that fills my soul, I sleep deep when I need to. I actually enjoy meditating now; it is more like travelling to other dimensions and I have learned to trust myself to go. I have picked figs, made jam and harvested almonds and olives. I have kept my corporate job going online as a way to pay for the dream of no longer being in the matrix at all and they have loved me and my work more and more as I have evolved.
People ask how I am doing it, and the truth is I don’t really know except I am in love with life again and supported and loved in ways I never felt possible, by spirit, by God, by those I have found on the path.
distance shot of isolated dragonfly house and mountainI still get afraid, I procrastinate, and I eat too much chocolate when I feel unsure BUT I AM ALIVE. And I know I have experienced all this so I can show others how to find their wild self, their freedom, their power and soul.
So, my advice if you really want to change your life is this:
  • Be brave. The universe sees it and backs you every time.
  • Get good teachers and guides. Check empowerment is at the heart of their methodology, so you really get to take away what they are teaching.
  • Trust the process and follow your heart, it will never lead you wrong although it will definitely not make sense!
  • Don’t worry if you go backwards, my biggest falls turned out to be some of my biggest leaps forward in the end.
  • As the layers peel off don't be afraid of how sensitive and vulnerable you will feel. Learn to be uncomfortable and on your edge. Step into your feelings and fears, it is the only way through.
  • And more than anything KEEP GOING, every step, keep looking for your answers and don’t worry if they change too. You won’t see the transformation but in time others will.
I would love to hear what your greatest change has been and what advice would you give to those a few steps behind you?
To join me for a yoga class, health coaching session or even a experiential healing session visit
With Love,
Helen xxx

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