Can you let nature be your guide?

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Do you see what nature is saying to you?One of the things I love about my life now, is that I am completely immersed in nature. Even now as I write this to you, I am looking out of my window at a spectacular pyramidal mountain. It is a privilege for sure.
Being here I have grown to appreciate what nature shows me. I pay real attention to it now because I have learned that by observing it carefully it is an easy way for spirit to show me what I need to do next. I will explain a little more in a moment, but perhaps you are thinking “but I live in a city/town and I like it, I don’t have time to watch nature.” And I get it totally!
I lived in Tooting Broadway and worked in central London for 20 years. I too love the city, the people, the shopping and hustle, noise and vibe. I loved the stores were open 24/7 and everywhere was alive with crazy energy. But even there I would notice how in every given opportunity people would flock, even in their business suits, to try and get a square inch of grass to sit on and eat their lunch. We are naturally drawn to nature because we are born of her.
blossomNow, yes I have opportunity here, but we all do where ever we live, we can all watch for what nature is telling us. For example, do you watch the which animals are showing up? If you think it is random think again. It could be ants, bees, wasps, beetles, birds, snakes, cats, dogs, foxes, mice, rats even. If you are looking, they are natures messengers. I use an animal spirit guide card deck to interpret their meaning but google works just as well, and I even trust the universe has my back with what the search engine throws at me. It is usually bang on.
I will give you an example that happened today. I was cleaning the terrace and knocked a light forgetting there was a wasp nest in there. The inevitable yelling swearing, running ensued with me gaining 4 stings pretty quickly. And god I had forgotten how much they can hurt. Now I know that wasps are a sign that if you can take the sting happening in your life right now something much better is in store for you. As I am frantically running cold water over my effected body parts and googling remedies for wasp stings my new partner appears with what looks like a tub of mud, tells me to sit down, it is his grandmother’s recipe everything will be ok in 5 minutes.
So, I let the mud go on my skin, and man in stung even more but in 30 seconds nothing. Literally like magic I could feel the swelling going and the pain subsiding. And the gift was I was taken care of for the first time in a long time, I learned an awesome natural effective remedy for wasp stings, and I felt loved. And as these gifts are dawning on me, I see a pair of red dragonflies over the water of the pool here at dragonfly house reminding me of my mission here, and that truth will transcend illusion. Red dragonflies are rare and a sign of death and eternal love. And there I was watching the belief I am alone die and feeling a sense of love more than ever.
Not convinced yet? Try one more example….
A few months ago, at dusk, I had a swallow in my living room. I had no idea how it got there as the doors and windows were shut. I let it out, and checked everything, I even blocked the chimney, its summer after all. But the next evening the same thing again, I couldn’t understand it. Third evening I was like ok this is just weird! So, I looked up the meaning of birds in the house, and some traditions believe it signals a death. Not great and I couldn’t figure it out as no one I knew had died. The following day my mum called to say her brother had passed away unexpectedly. I had already been told.
ED1901B0-06A3-4879-A08F-388C236604A5_1_105_cSo keep an eye out. Watch the animals and even the weather. I cannot tell you how often the weather gives us clues and rolls with the energy as well. It is one of gods tools to guide us, challenge us and enrich our lives, it is the uncertainty of it that reminds us that we are not in control, we are a co-creator and that his power is infinite beyond our imagination. Nature is not weak, it is dangerous and strong and destructive just as it is nurturing, beautiful and inspiring. And so, watch.
I notice when I meditate, often a wind can begin out of nowhere, how when I need to rest the sun will go in. How when I shift my emotions the weather can go from miserable to glorious. Even yesterday it was 42 centigrade and too hot but I had planned a trip to the beach and as I arrived a sea mist rolled in as thick as London fog which meant I could relax and swim under cover it was amazing.
Maybe you feel a bit disconnected from nature yourself? So here is something to try. Find your nearest spot of nature. It could be a park, a tree or I have even stood in the middle of a grassy roundabout in a desperate moment! It doesn’t matter because nature is more powerful than you can imagine. If your intention is to connect, she will meet you there. All you need to do is breathe and imagine your feet are magnets (take off your shoes and socks if you can but again it doesn’t matter!) and draw energy up from the earth as you breathe in. It will take a few seconds but the longer you give it the deeper you will connect. And simply ask for a sign. If your intention is true and you are willing to notice even the smallest of changes, she will send you a message.
Just watch and listen. The path will unfold.114B2757-B395-4573-A913-66E9A351EADA_1_105_c
I would love to hear what nature means to you and your stories of following her guidance, share below and let's spread a little love and appreciation for all she gives us.
With love,
Helen xxx

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